About WGH Cultural Stewardship Program

West Gorordo Hotel is an Essence and Permaculture Inspired Hotel. Permaculture is a global movement that seeks to redesign our way of life based on Nature. It is based on these 3 ethical principles: Care for the Earth, Care for Each Other and Care for the Future.


The thrust of the Corporate Social Responsibility – Outreach Program of West Gorordo Hotel is to promote a sustainable way of life which ensures the conservation of our natural and cultural heritage. Thus, in addition to its green and zero carbon hotel’s eco features and practices, West Gorordo Hotel has also chosen to lead the following cultural stewardship programs that engage the local community:

  • Paulina Constancia Museum of Naïve Art (MoNA) & Its Heritage Conservation Program
  • Essence & Permaculture Library & Its Permaculture Education Program

West Gorordo Hotel is open to collaborate on nature and heritage conservation projects, write us at westgorordo@gmail.com

For more information about the hotel and its projects, please visit www.westgorordo.com


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