About the Artist

About Paulina Constancia

Paulina Constancia (b. 1970, Cebu City) is a Filipino-Canadian artist and poet with a penchant for experimentation. Her creative spirit delights in painting with acrylics as it does with words. She has exhibited her art and poetry in the Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Mexico, The Netherlands and in various cities in the USA and Canada. She is considered one of the most prolific and inspiring female artists in Cebu.

Learn more about the artist on www.paulinaconstancia.com

In the Heart of Paulina’s Art

Central to Paulina’s creations is the message of LOVE – Love of self, love of others; the love of solitude and the love of communion. There’s the love of nature and life’s simple joys.  And with this message comes her personal love of experimenting and learning.  Thus, her work is constantly evolving.  She finds great delight in exploring various media.  Her creative journey has led her to designing fashion, composing music, hand building with clay, telling stories on tiles, painting quilts, making an assemblage of found metals, painting with words, and many more.  The journey continues…

Photo by Raul Arambulo, Fotofolio Cebu

Photo by Raul Arambulo, Fotofolio Cebu


Read about the early inspiration for Paulina’s Naive Art Expression…

Paulina spent her early years on a street named Caimito (Star Apple). Although it is within the city limits of Cebu, Paulina enjoyed a very simple rural-like existence surrounded by fruit trees, chickens, pigs, ducks, cats and lots of ‘Irong Bisaya’ (mongrel dogs). There was always food to eat – they had star apple, mango, guava, jackfruit, papaya, santol, banana and malunggay trees. Paulina says, “In those days, nobody seemed to tire of fruit and a hearty bowl of Malunggay soup.”
Paulina recalls how their home was the neighborhood playground. “All the little ones on our street came to our place to play. We spent endless hours on the swing- swaying and screaming. We also had a kiddie pool that took forever to fill and so we each got a bucket to fill with water from the bomba (handpump in Cebuano).  The sooner we filled the pool, the sooner we could all swim”.
“If we were not in school, we were home playing with the kids in the neighborhood. And Sundays was for church and all the fun things surrounding a ‘visit to the parish’ which included eating cotton candy, popcorn, peanuts and of course – ‘dirty ice cream’ (Cebuano term for cheap, locally made ice cream sold by a street vendor). “For family adventures- every other Sunday or so- we hit the beach…and we would spend the whole day in our tubes in the water, that was when there wasn’t a hole in the ozone layer. We didn’t even know that such a layer existed. The only hole we feared was a hole in our salbabida (Cebuano for ‘inner tube’) for that would end our fun in the sun.”

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