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Creative Remix 7: The Art Display

Here we have the last of the Creative Remix feature – the art display at the Exhibition Hall at the Roundhouse.

Below is the original display concept  that I proposed to Roundhouse with my own sample projects.
sample display

It was great to see the kids so excited to be involved in setting up the CREATIVE REMIX exhibition which took place on: Friday, July 13 at the Roundhouse Exhibition Hall

simple poster for show

You may be wondering about the other art forms on the poster. The Creative Remix workshop also had daily guest artists offering a variety of opportunities for creative self-expression. Here they are:
Dianna David -movement storytelling workshop
Gamelan Bike Bike – Fieldhouse visit and workshop
Alanna Ho – deep play workshop
Lenore R S Lim– audience with exhibiting printmaker
Kids Yoga – (sorry, I forgot the name of the guest teacher)
Birds in Residence – bird puppet making led by Carmen Rosen

Below are the individual art displays arranged by the kids themselves, literally minutes before their special guests arrived at the exhibition hall.

Here are a couple of photos taken at the event.

show 1

Families and friends of our beloved young artists gather for this special presentation…

show 2

Our young artists proudly presenting their works to their parents…

Special thanks to DB Boyko, Arts Programmer at Roundhouse and  to Sonia Nikitin, my assistant during the whole run of Creative Remix. Most of all, my deep gratitude to our young workshop participants who gave their best in this wonderful creative journey.

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