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Paulina is the featured artist at MoNA Cebu. Click the image to see more from Paulina at her website website at http://www.paulinaconstancia.com.


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PC at the Art Naïf Festiwal 2018

It is with great joy that we share with you the news that Paulina Constancia’s art is once again part of the celebration of art and culture at this year’s Art Naïf Festiwal at The Wilson Shaft Gallery in Katowice, Poland.

The festival, which is now on its 11th year/edition, runs from June 8 to August 10. So if any one of you happens to be traveling in that area, please do come and be part of this international celebration.

Below are some photos from the opening of the festival.

festiwal aerial

Colourful, lively, inspiring art +great venue + amazing organizing team = Unforgettable Festival

The works Paulina Constancia is showing at the XI Naïf Art Festiwal are from her “Love in the Key of Frank” collection, a series of work inspired by  the songs of the great crooner Frank Sinatra…“Love and Marriage” and “Cheek to Cheek”  (yes, three can dance cheek to cheek!).

low res PC works

(L) “Love and Marriage” and (R) Cheek to Cheek, art by Paulina Constancia, now showing at the XI Naïf Art Festiwal, Poland

PC art shown

Try to spot Paulina Constancia’s art in this photo


Lots of lovely art + lots of art lovers=lots of fun

band on stage

Every year, naïve artists from a particular country would be the lead or focus of the festival. This year, AUSTRALIA is the lead country. Read more 


Australian naïve artists (front row) and other participating artists in attendance were honoured and applauded at opening night

prints and cards

Art prints, cards and catalogues


Spot Paulina Constancia’s prints on the table…

We’d like to express our heartfelt congratulations to the wonderful team at The Eko-Art Silesia Foundation / The Wilson Shaft Gallery for another successful edition of Art Naif Festiwal.  Special thanks goes to Monika Paca-Bros, Chair of the Eko-Art Silesia Foundation -Director of the Art Naif Festiwal and to Małgorzata Walczak, Coordinator of the 11th Art Naif Festiwal.

For more photos visit Art Naif Festiwal on Facebook


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