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Paulina is the featured artist at MoNA Cebu. Click the image to see more from Paulina at her website website at http://www.paulinaconstancia.com.


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Slovenian Film about International Meeting of Naïve Artists in Trebnje

We are happy to share the message from Trebnje Gallery of Naïve Artists in Slovenia:

“Last year our Gallery celebrated a jubilee, half a century of International Meetings of Naive Artists. For this occasion we planned a film and asked all of you for your help in preparing it.

Slovenian television broadcasted the film in December 2017 and now the film is publicly available on our website:

We hope you will enjoy it, even though it is in Slovenian only.”

Message from: Andrejka Nose, kustosinja
(Curator, Trebnje Gallery of Naïve Artists)

Slovenian Film about International Meeting of Naive Artists

The film captures half a century of history of International Meetings and of the Gallery of Naive Artists Trebnje.

The film was presented to the public on 15 June 2017 during the 50th International Meeting of Naive Artists and Slovenian television broadcasted it on 29 December 2017.

We are delighted to share with you that our very own Paulina Constancia is featured in this film alongside fellow artists at the 49th International Meeting of Naive Artists in 2016. It also shows film clips from past meetings and a nice review of the extensive collection of the gallery.

pau-slovenia film clips

Screenshots of some of Paulina’s appearance in the Slovenian Film

Dinner with Film Crew

Farewell Lunch with Slovenian film crew on the last day of filming the International Meeting of Naïve Artists in Trebnje, 2016.  Igor Pediček is the film director (2nd on the left), Paulina is 4th on the left with fellow artists and the curator, director and board members of the gallery

Watch the film “Samorastniške kronike” on the website of  Trebnje Gallery of Naïve Artists


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