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Creative Remix 2-Flying Superheroes

Here is the second activity we did in Creative Remix at the Roundhouse Centre… The Flying Superheroes.

To create your superhero follow these steps:

I- Create your superhero identity and origin story

your superhero name

Here is a fun guide to making your own superhero name that I found on-line.

superhero identity

Here is a sample of a template for writing a Superhero Identity and Origin Story. There are many on-line, here is one that simpler ones I found.

II- Color and cut template.

template flying hero 2

Notice there are two options for the cape.



Check out the beautiful color combinations of double-sided origami paper.

III- Glue front and back pieces together, leaving enough room in the middle to fit straw hero launcher. Then adhere cape over the shoulders.

IV- Insert straw. Allow to dry. And launch your Superhero!

Lava Boy

Here is a sample made by my son – he calls this “Lava Boy”

Lava Boy-in lfight

Ready, set, fly, my hero! *use whatever straw you have- paper, stainless steel or bamboo, perhaps.


Super Rainbow


Blue-blue Lemon

I think the double-sided Origami cape really makes the costume more interesting. And you know how kids are – they love colors.  It’s like choosing crayons or frozen yogurt toppings just in paper form, hahaha

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