1st Kabilin Fest Workshop Facilitators

Yvonne Artiaga Workshop Facilitator 13- Atty. Yvonne Artiaga

Tindak Sugbo (Bike Cebu)Workshop Facilitator/s 12 - Psychology Volunteers on Bikes

Misa Eguchi ImaiWorkshop Facilitator 11- Misa Eguchi Imai (JAPAN)

Allen CartecianoWorkshop Facilitator 10- Allen

Pegie Adlawan and Delfin BunoWorkshop Facilitator/s 9 - Pegie & Delfin

Carlo EnadWorkshop Facilitator 8- Carlo Enad

Lemuel InanoriaWorkshop Facilitator 7- Lemuel Inanoria

St. Michael’s Play GardenWorkshop Facilitator  6 - St. Michael's Play Garden

Dr. Madrileña De La CernaWorkshop Facilitator  5 - Dr. de la Cerna

Sistemang Pilipino IncorporatedWorkshop Facilitator 4 -Sistemang Pilipino Inc

Ananda Marga Wellness CenterWorkshop Facilitator  3- Ananda Marga

Pierre FamadorWorkshop Facilitator  2 - Pierre Famador

Filo Di Oro StudioWorkshop Facilitator  1- Filo d'oro


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