About the MoNA

The Paulina Constancia Museum of Naïve Art [MONA]
“Art in the service of life”

The Museum of Naïve Art [MONA] houses hundreds of art pieces created by Filipino-Canadian artist PAULINA CONSTANCIA.  In these times of high technology, materialism and consumerism, people have become disconnected. Paulina’s art brings us in touch with a seemingly distant and almost imaginary world in which people are still connected with nature and each other.  The MONA and The Sanctuary provide the opportunity for Cebu locals and visitors to rekindle their connectedness with themselves, with each other and with Nature.

MONA’s relocation to The Sanctuary is a sentimental journey for Paulina because the actual structure was her original farm studio in the late 90’s and many of the works were actually created in that same house. And on a very personal note, it is being true to her promise to her Dad – the late Justice German G. Lee, Jr. that she will return to the ‘farm’ to create and share her art when she’s done with her travels and studies abroad.

The MONA collection is divided into three sections which are also the three permaculture ethics: CARE FOR THE EARTH, CARE FOR EACH OTHER, CARE FOR THE FUTURE.


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