The Meeting in Trebnje-Day 2-Morning Discussion

Day 2 (June 12) started with a meeting with artists over a morning coffee. Each artist was asked a question specific to his/her own creative practice. Several gallery friends and supporters were also present to listen to the discussion.

DSC_1196a (Medium)

L-R  Andrejka Nose (Trebnje Gallery curator), Jelena Marković (Serbia/Germany),  Igor Simonović (Serbia), Rok Mohar (Slovenia), Ivana Stanisavljević Negić (Serbia), Marga Fabbri (Argentina), Mia Bergqvist (Finland) and Paulina Constrancia (Philippines/Canada). Not present at the discussion was Denis Toth (Croatia).
The morning discussion was facilitated by Trebnje Gallery curator Andrejka Nose. Paulina and the other artists at the meeting thought that Andrejka makes a fantastic journalist. She ought to create a you tube channel featuring a series of interviews of naïve artists from Slovenia and across the globe.

DSC_1169a (Medium)

In the little Slovenian town of Trebnje ART is alive and is embraced and supported by many kind folks.

During the discussion, images of the works of the participating artists in the 49th International Meeting of Naïve Artists were projected on a screen for all to see.

Free flowing coffee for artists and spectators alike and of course unlimited homemade Slovenian cookies plus succulent cherries from the gallery curator -Andrejka’s garden

CURVE at the Park (Part 2)

We continue with images from CURVE at the Park

Women’s Month 2016 Culmination Day
“Kaayuhan ni Juana Iapil sa Adyenda ”
(Put Women’s Welfare in the Agenda)
March 31, 2016
at the Family Park, Cebu, Philippines

The CURVE Project was made possible by the Paulina Constancia Museum of Naive Art [MoNA] of West Gorordo Hotel and the Psychology Volunteers on Bikes.

Below are 6 samples of work from Curve at the Park..



Here’s our CURVE at the Park group at the Family Park in Cebu.

CURVE: A Sharing of Hearts

Creative spirits, open hearts, and an eagerness to share life journey reflections made the event on Saturday, March 5th, a most touching and memorable shared experience for all of us who were present. The output of the CURVE art workshop will be on display at the lobby of West Gorordo Hotel from March 8 to 31.

CURVE is an event hosted by West Gorordo Hotel in partnership with the Paulina Constancia Museum of Naive Art [MoNA] and the Psychology Volunteers on Bikes

One of The CURVE Project participants – Jazmine Llaguno- wrote about the event on her blog “The Curve Project: Celebrating Women’s Essence Through Art” , check it out:

the making of CURVE-simple.jpg

Here’s some trivia I shared with the ladies:

CURVE Trivia
All from “Curvology: the Origins and Power of Female Body Shape
by David Bainbridge

1. Did you know that we are the only species with curvy females?

2. Where do women’s bodies come from?
Female babies are not born curvy. In fact, apart from baby boys being slightly longer and leaner, the two sexes start off with remarkably similar body compositions.

3. When do females develop the curve and why?
(Info from an article about Bainbridge’s CURVOLOGY on The Telegraph)

At puberty women lay down between 10 to 20 kilograms of extra adipose tissue (fat) ,
most of which goes on the buttocks and thighs. Much of this is later converted into
breast milk, which in turn is used by the suckling babe to build up brainpower
(unusually in nature, the human brain grows mostly after rather than before birth).

4. What happens to this fat (and the curve) as women age?
As women age and go through the menopause, this fat is lost or moves into the waist
area, which actually makes women more physically efficient.

P.S. Women, if you are a mother, nurture the children entrusted to you. And to those who are without children – volunteer and reach out to those who need care in your community. It is our natural talent to nurture, to care, to help and make things better. Life will be more meaningful if we make use of this fundamental gift.

‘Our talents are the gift that God gives to us… What we make of our talents is our gift back to God’
-Leo Buscaglia

The CURVE Project

Celebrate Women’s Month with us, come see The CURVE Project – March 8-31 at the Lobby of West Gorordo Hotel.

for IWD posting.jpg

CURVE: An exhibition about the essence of a WOMAN as interpreted by women from different sectors

March 8-31, 2016
The Lobby, West Gorordo Hotel
Gorordo Avenue
Cebu City, Philippines

About The CURVE Project

You can tell a woman’s silhouette from that of a man’s by her curve.

Using the female form as a canvas, women from different sectors, led by artist Paulina Constancia of the Museum of Naive Art, have interpreted the essence of a woman. Each participant has also made an acrostic poem using the letters C.U.R.V.E. to accompany her piece.

Happy Women’s Month to all of you! May you treasure and learn from the female presence in your lives.


Check out this event and other Women’s Day events on the international women’s day website:

Project Baby Pink

Celebrate Women’s Month with us, come see Project Baby Pink – March 1-31 at the Lobby of West Gorordo Hotel.

Project Baby Pink poster.jpg

Project Baby Pink

Baby Pink – a color expectant parents of baby girls know intimately as they prepare the baby room, the clothes and accessories with much excitement for their coming bundle of joy. Unfortunately, not all baby girls are warmly welcomed or treated kindly. Such is the case of the group of girls in difficult situations that artist Paulina Constancia mentors through Expressive Arts workshops.

Project Baby Pink is an opportunity for these young girls to revive and reconnect with the innocence inside them –  the spontaneous, creative, playful self before their world was shattered…

They were betrayed and robbed of their innocence and dignity by the very people they trusted most, literally the hand that rocked their cradles.  Thanks to the many agencies working together to curb violence against women and children, these girls have been given the chance to be kids again – to learn, laugh and play; to feel safe and to dream again…

The girls were given the liberty to play with an assortment of materials such as paint, paper, fabric, threads, beads, stickers and other add-ons to help them create a freestyle self-portrait.

Welcoming Project Baby Pink will help these girls put their mistreatment firmly in the past. With your support, there is hope for their future to be sweet and bright!

-From Your Friends at the
Paulina Constancia Museum of Naïve Art

Check out this event and other Women’s Day events on the international women’s day website


PANYONG PUTI:The White Handkerchief Project

A group of 14 university students and 1 professor from Kindai University, Osaka, Japan were in Cebu from February 9 to 16, 2016  for a Sustainability Tour organized by the Psychology Volunteers on Bikes. Paulina Constancia facilitated a Welcome PEACE Workshop called “PANYONG PUTI:The White Handkerchief Projectpanyong puti-intro

kindai students with panyong puti

PC with her wonderful young Japanese participants



Miyuki says that when Japanese people take a picture they do the PEACE pose, which make them happy even if they are sad. So she thinks the Peace Pose makes a good symbol of  PEACE.



Professor Andrew Atkins says of his work:”This picture symbolises the Philippines and Japan sailing from a stormy sea to a peaceful sea with me from the UK in the middle.” (since he was the one who brought the group to Cebu, Philippines)



“These flowers express Japanese and Filipino. So this bouquet shows they live together forever. This is my hope!” – Risa


works on display

Here are the PEACE OFFERINGS from the 15 workshop participants from Kindai University.


The Kindai University Students
Shunsuke Abe
Risa Hirose
Chie Inaoka
Yuki Ishizawa
Hitomi Kitano
Taihei Mori
Miyuki Morino
Airi Nishimura
Akari Okushima
Arisa Sadano
Tomomi Sakano
Yuya Takagi
Minori Tanigawa
Kaito Niijima

Their Professor
Andrew Atkins

Thank you very much.  

Daghang Salamat.

Domo arigato どうもありがとう 

M.O.M. Exhibition Kicks off 2nd Kabilin Fest

May 18 is International Museum Day.  On this special day last year, Paulina Constancia Museum of Naïve Art [MoNA] opened its doors to the public as well as held the 1st Kabilin Fest. As a proud member of the International Community of Museums, the MoNA endeavors to hold an annual KABILIN FEST (Kabilin is ‘heritage’ in Cebuano) on or around International Museum Day, May 18.  With this festival, the MoNA, in partnership with various creative practitioners in the community, gives the Cebuano public the opportunity to experience a myriad of interactive cultural heritage workshops under one roof.

The MoNA’s 2nd Kabilin Fest (May 17-18, 2014) kicks off with Moments of Motherhood {M.O.M.}, a traveling exhibition of mixed media art by Paulina Constancia.  It has been shown in Indonesia, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. From May 17 to June 17, the M.O.M. collection will be on display at the Screening Room of the MoNA, Level 1, West Gorordo Hotel, Cebu. Paulina integrates scrap fabric and other materials into her paintings to symbolize the shared moments between mother and child. She says, “It’s these little moments that matter, it’s these moments that we remember.”

Moments of Motherhood – Philippines

As part of the M.O.M. presentation, Paulina will also be facilitating art therapy sessions and arts & crafts classes throughout the week to MoNA’s partner organizations serving Cebu’s marginalized women and children.

Moments of Motherhood opens Saturday, May 17, 6 pm. Exhibition runs May 17 to June 17 at the Screening Room of the MoNA, Level 1, West Gorordo Hotel, Cebu City.

The MOM exhibition is only the start of a number of activities such as interactive workshops and talks lined up for the 2nd Kabilin Fest by the MoNA in partnership with various creative practitioners in Cebu. Join a morning bike tour with Tindak Sugbo, learn how to play the ukulele, make traditional toys, play traditional games, cook Pinoy vegetarian dishes, embroider your initials (borda), enjoy some Pinoy satire, get a henna tattoo and more… For the complete 2nd Kabilin Fest Schedule of Activities click on the link below

The Kabilin Fest is an International Museum Day and Heritage Celebration presented by MoNA & West Gorordo Hotel. Free Admission with Valid ID.


Thank you for making the 1st Kabilin Fest a success


Thank you to all those who have so generously shared their talents at the 1st Kabilin Fest (Heritage Festival organized by the Paulina Constancia Museum of Naive Art [MoNA] on the occasion of its launching on International Museum Day) last Saturday, May 18. Here are some photos of the wonderful moments we shared as a community…

  1. Tindak Sugbo (Bike Tour of Heritage Public Spaces) led by Psychology Volunteers on Bikes
  2. Traditional Toys Workshop with PJ & Delfin of Mayflower Inn
  3. Traditional Musical Instruments Workshop with Filo d’Oro
  4. Traditional Puppetry Workshop led by Pierre Famador
  5. PUSO Weaving Workshop led by Allen of West Gorordo Hotel
  6. Sawsaw Workshop led by Ananda Marga Wellness Centre
  7. Tambol and Malong Dressing Ritual Dance led by the Sunrise Festival 2013 Maharlika Artists
  8. Dula, Mugna, Istorya -St. Michael’s Play Garden
  9. Sugbuanong Awit sing along with Guitarist Lemuel Inanoria
  10. Sugbuanong Awit and More with Sistemang Pilipino, Inc.
  11. Baybayin Workshop with Carlo Enad
  12. Visayan Folklore Readings, under the guidance of Professor Madrileña de la Cerna
  13. Access to Heritage as a Human Right with Atty. Yvonne Artiaga
  14. Parents as Transmitters of Culture with Grace Fereros
  15. International Craft Workshop: FUROSHIKI with Misa Imai from Japan
  16. Launch of the Paulina Constancia Museum of Naive Art [MoNA]

The MoNA is part of the cultural stewardship program of West Gorordo Hotel, Cebu, Philippines

MoNA’s Official Launch Event!

Here are some snapshots from the PAULINA CONSTANCIA Museum of Naive Art [MoNA] launching:

MoNA opening-collage

  1. Our honored guests -young culture keepers: (L-R) Budoy (Music & Bisdak Culture), Dennis Sugarol (Choral Music), Mary Rose Villacastin-Maghuyop (Dance & Theatre)-each shared an inspiring message
  2. Some of our Guests
  3. Welcome Speech by PC, photo with son Lucas
  4. Budoy, PC & Lucas at the main door of the MoNA
  5. Our Lady of Joy School Admin & Staff
  6. PC with high school classmates Carmel & Elka
  7. A Happy Moment indeed! (L-R) Prof Madrileña de la Cerna, Mary Rose Maghuyop, Loi Alix, Cookie Newman & PC
  8. Vilma Lee (PC’s mom-in blue) with friends from the Young Ladies Association of Charity & Human Rights Lawyer Atty. Yvonne Artiaga (in white shirt).
  9. (L-R) Rudy Alix, PC & Lucas, Tonette Pañares, VAMGI President Malou Samson, Loi Alix & Edna Lee (museum designer)

Thanks again to all who joined us for the evening, you sure made the MoNA opening a joyous & memorable event.