DTI and ProGED visit MoNA

It was a great honor and privilege for Chief Stewarding officer Edna Lee and her staff at West Gorordo Hotel to give a special Green Hotel and Museum Tour to visitors from DTI-Luzon (Department of Trade and Industry) who were in town by the invitation of ProGED (Promotion of Green Economic Development). ProGED is a project of GIZ (German development agency-Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH), an organization that supports projects for international green economic development.

Here are some photos taken during their visit at the MoNA— Studio Gallery:


Visitors from DTI-Luzon and ProGED at the MoNA-Studio Gallery

Here are some photos taken during their visit at the MoNA —Museum:


Visitors from DTI-Luzon and ProGED at the MoNA -Museum


DTI-Luzon and ProGED at the Paulina Constancia Museum of Naïve Art (MoNA-museum)


The group in front of the painting  “Last Days of Summer”


DTI-Luzon and ProGED Group in front of West Gorordo Hotel after the Green Hotel and Museum Tour

Watch this video “Greening Good Practice”,  ProGED features West Gorordo “Green”Hotel
GIZ Philippines and Pacific cites West Gorordo “GREEN” Hotel for its GOOD PRACTICE


STC – Green Hotel & Museum Tour

Last Sept 29 and 30, MoNA was happy to welcome a group of 163 students and 8 teachers from Saint Theresa’s College. They were doing a Green Hotel Tour at West Gorordo Hotel. They learned about the different eco features and practices at the hotel as well as how the Museum of Naïve Art is a means to promote sustainability and connectedness in our community.

Here are some photos of the STC group:


Edna Lee, Chief Stewarding Officer of West Gorordo Hotel, welcomes the group


Johanna Estremos, HR Head at West Gorordo Hotel, explains the eco features and practices of the hotel

Here’s a photo taken inside the MoNA Studio Gallery:


Here are some photos taken inside the Paulina Constancia Museum of Naïve Art [MoNA]:


Thank you for your visit STC friends! See you again!