US Peace Corps Volunteers Visit MoNA

Early December MoNA welcomed US Peace Corps volunteers Rachel, Nettie and Robbie. They were given a special tour by West Gorordo Hotel Stewarding Officer Edna Lee. Robbie who is teaching World Literature at Cebu Technological University in Moalboal asked if MoNA could facilitate an expressive arts workshop for her students. Edna was able to contact Miss Paulina Constancia about a potential seaside art workshop in Moalboal during her upcoming Christmas holiday visit.


Robbie, US Peace Corps Volunteer, Cebu Technological University- Moalboal



L-R: US Peace Corps Volunteers Robbie, Rachel and Nettie with West Gorordo Hotel Stewarding Officer Edna Lee

Pandoo Foundation visits MoNA

On December 3rd MoNA had the pleasure of welcoming teenage visitors from Pandoo Foundation. With them was their mentor who is also the foundation’s country head -Geneviève Bisson.

Pandoo Foundation is an NGO that funds and leads outreach efforts in Southeast Asia. It is tied to Pandoo Nation, an innovative online game world for kids.







Learn more about Pandoo Foundation and the wonderful work they do with/for  young folks. Check out their programs and activities on Facebook

The future looks bright indeed with the efforts of organizations like Pandoo.

DTI and ProGED visit MoNA

It was a great honor and privilege for Chief Stewarding officer Edna Lee and her staff at West Gorordo Hotel to give a special Green Hotel and Museum Tour to visitors from DTI-Luzon (Department of Trade and Industry) who were in town by the invitation of ProGED (Promotion of Green Economic Development). ProGED is a project of GIZ (German development agency-Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH), an organization that supports projects for international green economic development.

Here are some photos taken during their visit at the MoNA— Studio Gallery:


Visitors from DTI-Luzon and ProGED at the MoNA-Studio Gallery

Here are some photos taken during their visit at the MoNA —Museum:


Visitors from DTI-Luzon and ProGED at the MoNA -Museum


DTI-Luzon and ProGED at the Paulina Constancia Museum of Naïve Art (MoNA-museum)


The group in front of the painting  “Last Days of Summer”


DTI-Luzon and ProGED Group in front of West Gorordo Hotel after the Green Hotel and Museum Tour

Watch this video “Greening Good Practice”,  ProGED features West Gorordo “Green”Hotel
GIZ Philippines and Pacific cites West Gorordo “GREEN” Hotel for its GOOD PRACTICE

STC – Green Hotel & Museum Tour

Last Sept 29 and 30, MoNA was happy to welcome a group of 163 students and 8 teachers from Saint Theresa’s College. They were doing a Green Hotel Tour at West Gorordo Hotel. They learned about the different eco features and practices at the hotel as well as how the Museum of Naïve Art is a means to promote sustainability and connectedness in our community.

Here are some photos of the STC group:


Edna Lee, Chief Stewarding Officer of West Gorordo Hotel, welcomes the group


Johanna Estremos, HR Head at West Gorordo Hotel, explains the eco features and practices of the hotel

Here’s a photo taken inside the MoNA Studio Gallery:


Here are some photos taken inside the Paulina Constancia Museum of Naïve Art [MoNA]:


Thank you for your visit STC friends! See you again!

Montessori Kids visit the MoNA -part 2

Saturday, Sept 10th: Montessori Kids ARTivity at the MoNA

Here are photos of the ARTivity session and the drawings of our little guests from the Holy Infant School (H.I.S.) Montessori of Lapu Lapu City.


Excited to start drawing, just waiting for instructions…


Taking a seat and waiting for instructions..


ARTivity Instructions: Ongoing at the MoNA Studio Gallery is PC’s Roadside Markets show (which features the collection recently exhibited in Slovenia) thus the young museum visitors were asked to DRAW a STREET VENDOR. Here are examples of vendors by Paulina Constancia on the left and by her son Lucas on the right.

Here are some collages of the art created by our young museum visitors from Holy Infant School (H.I.S.) Montessori of Lapu Lapu City.


Collage of street vendor drawings by HIS Montessori kids – Grades 1 to 3, ages 7 to 9 {1 of 4 collages}


Collage of street vendor drawings by HIS Montessori kids – Grades 1 to 3, ages 7 to 9 {2 of 4 collages}


Collage of street vendor drawings by HIS Montessori kids – Grades 1 to 3, ages 7 to 9 {3 of 4 collages}


Collage of HIS Montessori kids – Grades 1 to 3, ages 7 to 9 {4 of 4 collages}


After the ARTivity the kids got to view Paulina Constancia’s collection “ROADSIDE MARKETS/Tindahan sa Dalan” at the MoNA Studio Gallery. This collection was just recently exhibited at the 49th International Meeting of Naïve Artists in Slovenia.


Kids proudly showing their Street Vendor drawings…


More kids and their drawings…

Thank you Holy Infant School (HIS) Montessori for making us a part of your Cebu City educational tour. We hope your visit to the MoNA will inspire you in art and life! Hope to see you again!

Montessori Kids visit the MoNA -part 1

Saturday, Sept 10th at the MoNA.
92 students plus 10 teachers and parents visited the MoNA
The students were from Grades 1 to 3, ages 7 to 9, from HIS (Holy Infant School) Montessori of Lapu Lapu City


HIS Montessori service bus arrives at West Gorordo Hotel.


Kids watching MoNA Intro Video


At MoNA Studio Gallery checking out PC’s latest collections…


Lucas, Paulina’s son, shares personal insights into his Mama’s art.


Art and Peace be with you all…


PC artcards for all our young guests


What perfect timing- the Montessori kids visit while Paulina Constancia is in town…so lots of photos with the artist and her son Lucas.


And here’s the second group…


And the third group…


Group shot right in front of West Gorordo Hotel just before we say goodbye…


Bye, bye kids. Hope to see you again at the MoNA!