STC – Green Hotel & Museum Tour

Last Sept 29 and 30, MoNA was happy to welcome a group of 163 students and 8 teachers from Saint Theresa’s College. They were doing a Green Hotel Tour at West Gorordo Hotel. They learned about the different eco features and practices at the hotel as well as how the Museum of Naïve Art is a means to promote sustainability and connectedness in our community.

Here are some photos of the STC group:


Edna Lee, Chief Stewarding Officer of West Gorordo Hotel, welcomes the group


Johanna Estremos, HR Head at West Gorordo Hotel, explains the eco features and practices of the hotel

Here’s a photo taken inside the MoNA Studio Gallery:


Here are some photos taken inside the Paulina Constancia Museum of Naïve Art [MoNA]:


Thank you for your visit STC friends! See you again!


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