The Meeting in Trebnje-Day 2-Morning Discussion

Day 2 (June 12) started with a meeting with artists over a morning coffee. Each artist was asked a question specific to his/her own creative practice. Several gallery friends and supporters were also present to listen to the discussion.

DSC_1196a (Medium)

L-R  Andrejka Nose (Trebnje Gallery curator), Jelena Marković (Serbia/Germany),  Igor Simonović (Serbia), Rok Mohar (Slovenia), Ivana Stanisavljević Negić (Serbia), Marga Fabbri (Argentina), Mia Bergqvist (Finland) and Paulina Constrancia (Philippines/Canada). Not present at the discussion was Denis Toth (Croatia).
The morning discussion was facilitated by Trebnje Gallery curator Andrejka Nose. Paulina and the other artists at the meeting thought that Andrejka makes a fantastic journalist. She ought to create a you tube channel featuring a series of interviews of naïve artists from Slovenia and across the globe.

DSC_1169a (Medium)

In the little Slovenian town of Trebnje ART is alive and is embraced and supported by many kind folks.

During the discussion, images of the works of the participating artists in the 49th International Meeting of Naïve Artists were projected on a screen for all to see.

Free flowing coffee for artists and spectators alike and of course unlimited homemade Slovenian cookies plus succulent cherries from the gallery curator -Andrejka’s garden


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