PANYONG PUTI:The White Handkerchief Project

A group of 14 university students and 1 professor from Kindai University, Osaka, Japan were in Cebu from February 9 to 16, 2016  for a Sustainability Tour organized by the Psychology Volunteers on Bikes. Paulina Constancia facilitated a Welcome PEACE Workshop called “PANYONG PUTI:The White Handkerchief Projectpanyong puti-intro

kindai students with panyong puti

PC with her wonderful young Japanese participants


Miyuki says that when Japanese people take a picture they do the PEACE pose, which make them happy even if they are sad. So she thinks the Peace Pose makes a good symbol of  PEACE.


Professor Andrew Atkins says of his work:”This picture symbolises the Philippines and Japan sailing from a stormy sea to a peaceful sea with me from the UK in the middle.” (since he was the one who brought the group to Cebu, Philippines)


“These flowers express Japanese and Filipino. So this bouquet shows they live together forever. This is my hope!” – Risa

works on display

Here are the PEACE OFFERINGS from the 15 workshop participants from Kindai University.

The Kindai University Students
Shunsuke Abe
Risa Hirose
Chie Inaoka
Yuki Ishizawa
Hitomi Kitano
Taihei Mori
Miyuki Morino
Airi Nishimura
Akari Okushima
Arisa Sadano
Tomomi Sakano
Yuya Takagi
Minori Tanigawa
Kaito Niijima

Their Professor
Andrew Atkins

Thank you very much.  

Daghang Salamat.

Domo arigato どうもありがとう 


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