CURVE: A Sharing of Hearts

Creative spirits, open hearts, and an eagerness to share life journey reflections made the event on Saturday, March 5th, a most touching and memorable shared experience for all of us who were present. The output of the CURVE art workshop will be on display at the lobby of West Gorordo Hotel from March 8 to 31.

CURVE is an event hosted by West Gorordo Hotel in partnership with the Paulina Constancia Museum of Naive Art [MoNA] and the Psychology Volunteers on Bikes

One of The CURVE Project participants – Jazmine Llaguno- wrote about the event on her blog “The Curve Project: Celebrating Women’s Essence Through Art” , check it out:

the making of CURVE-simple.jpg

Here’s some trivia I shared with the ladies:

CURVE Trivia
All from “Curvology: the Origins and Power of Female Body Shape
by David Bainbridge

1. Did you know that we are the only species with curvy females?

2. Where do women’s bodies come from?
Female babies are not born curvy. In fact, apart from baby boys being slightly longer and leaner, the two sexes start off with remarkably similar body compositions.

3. When do females develop the curve and why?
(Info from an article about Bainbridge’s CURVOLOGY on The Telegraph)

At puberty women lay down between 10 to 20 kilograms of extra adipose tissue (fat) ,
most of which goes on the buttocks and thighs. Much of this is later converted into
breast milk, which in turn is used by the suckling babe to build up brainpower
(unusually in nature, the human brain grows mostly after rather than before birth).

4. What happens to this fat (and the curve) as women age?
As women age and go through the menopause, this fat is lost or moves into the waist
area, which actually makes women more physically efficient.

P.S. Women, if you are a mother, nurture the children entrusted to you. And to those who are without children – volunteer and reach out to those who need care in your community. It is our natural talent to nurture, to care, to help and make things better. Life will be more meaningful if we make use of this fundamental gift.

‘Our talents are the gift that God gives to us… What we make of our talents is our gift back to God’
-Leo Buscaglia


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