MoNA’s Official Launch Event!

Here are some snapshots from the PAULINA CONSTANCIA Museum of Naive Art [MoNA] launching:

MoNA opening-collage

  1. Our honored guests -young culture keepers: (L-R) Budoy (Music & Bisdak Culture), Dennis Sugarol (Choral Music), Mary Rose Villacastin-Maghuyop (Dance & Theatre)-each shared an inspiring message
  2. Some of our Guests
  3. Welcome Speech by PC, photo with son Lucas
  4. Budoy, PC & Lucas at the main door of the MoNA
  5. Our Lady of Joy School Admin & Staff
  6. PC with high school classmates Carmel & Elka
  7. A Happy Moment indeed! (L-R) Prof Madrileña de la Cerna, Mary Rose Maghuyop, Loi Alix, Cookie Newman & PC
  8. Vilma Lee (PC’s mom-in blue) with friends from the Young Ladies Association of Charity & Human Rights Lawyer Atty. Yvonne Artiaga (in white shirt).
  9. (L-R) Rudy Alix, PC & Lucas, Tonette Pañares, VAMGI President Malou Samson, Loi Alix & Edna Lee (museum designer)

Thanks again to all who joined us for the evening, you sure made the MoNA opening a joyous & memorable event.


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