CURVE at the Park (Part 1)


Yesterday was the last day of Women’s Month and I had the great privilege of sharing
The Curve Project at the Family Park with the following organizations:
Inter-agency Council Against Trafficking Region 7; Anti-Child Pornography and Violence Against Women & Children (IACAT 7 –ACP- VAWC), Women’s Organizations in Cebu
at the
Women’s Month 2016 Culmination Day
“Kaayuhan ni Juana Iapil sa Adyenda ”
(Put Women’s Welfare in the Agenda)
March 31, 2016
at the Family Park, Cebu, Philippines

The CURVE Project was made possible by the Paulina Constancia Museum of Naive Art [MoNA] of West Gorordo Hotel and the Psychology Volunteers on Bikes.

Learn more about The CURVE Project.


Edna Lee of the Psychology Volunteers on Bikes welcomes the participants

Paulina Constancia gives intro to CURVe Project

Paulina Constancia gives intro to CURVE Project


PC gives instructions for the CURVE project


Workshop volunteer Cathy Adalim shares her experience and CURVE piece from the first Curve event at West Gorordo Hotel


My wonderful CURVE participants went straight to work on their pieces…


Incredible enthusiasm and focus plus every piece turned out so unique…

Everybody gets the chance to talk about their piece.

Everybody got the chance to talk about their piece.


This lady integrated the popsicle sticks for spreading glue into her artwork, pretty clever!


There were a few male participants too.

Check out next post for more photos…


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