GSK 2016 at the MoNA, part 1

First stop for GSK visitors at the MoNA was the Flying Hearts photo booth. MoNA guests were all smiles as they posed for this heavenly welcome photoshoot.

This wall/permanent photo booth is inspired by Paulina Constancia’s  painting “Setting A Heart Free”. With an echoing heart birdie cut-out and a pair of wings, GSK visitors at MoNA were able to immerse themselves in the world of Paulina’s flying hearts.

1-a Flying Hearts Photo Booth at the MoNA

Below is “Setting A Heart Free” – the painting that inspired the Flying Hearts photo booth. Now in the private collection of Olive Caday-Fillone. Paulina  created this mixed media piece in Toronto in 2001 for her show PULSO in Yorkville, Toronto.



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