MoNA’s Storyline for GSK 2016

This is the first time that the Paulina Constancia Museum of Naïve art (MoNA) is joining the Gabii sa Kabilin (GSK) or Heritage Night.

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 12.12.40 PM

And the first assignment for participating heritage sites is to create an individual storyline  based on a given theme.  This year’s GSK theme is “Forging Peoples”

forging peoples

And below is MoNA’s Individual storyline.

“Civilizations Flourish by Forging Ecological and Cultural Diversity”

Maíz- Mais, Cacao-Kakaw, Piña-Pinya,  Plátano-Saging, Mango- Manga, Hibiscus-Gumamela, Fiesta-Pista, Casamiento-Kasal, Procesión-Prosesyon, Virgen María –Birhen Maria, Cochero-Kutsero, Guitarra-Gitara, Chinelas-Tsinelas, Jeepney-Dyipni, , Salvavidas-Salbabida, Feria-Perya, Escuela- Eskwelahan, Tiangue- Tiangi

These are ecological and cultural imports from China, India, Mexico, Spain and the United States of America. They have been ingrained and assimilated in our environment  and way of life for centuries that they are now part of who we are, what we eat, what we do and how we live. During your visit to the Paulina Constancia Museum of Naïve Art [MoNA] at West Gorordo Hotel, you will  have the chance to see the artworks of Paulina Constancia that depict these symbols, rituals, traditions and celebrations that were forged through ecological and cultural exchange with our colonizers and trading partners.

MONA-GSK magazine feature

Check out Gabii sa Kabilin 2016 Guide, MoNA is featured on page 35.

Come and join us as we celebrate our unique ecological and cultural heritage.  Start your GSK- Heritage Night Adventure at the MoNA and win cool prizes!!!


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