Cross-Cultural Workshop at UP Cebu (3 of 3)

The last activity required pair work in which the students were tasked to describe in Korean as well as make a fingerprinted portrait of their chosen partner.

Here are the photos of the pairings and their fingerprinted creations… (please click on individual image to enlarge)

And the last part of the workshop… Korean snacks, of course!
Wae Seon brought some kkul ttok (“kkul” means honey and “ttok” means rice cake).

For those of you who are wondering what kkul ttok tastes like .. well, it’s like our local “masi” just thicker rice flour skin and a slight salty taste on the outside but still the same sweet peanut paste filling.


Paulina Constancia, Professor Edna Lee and Wae Seon Yun with the Psych 155 Class


Happy spirits!!!

It was a great cross-cultural experience for both the facilitators and students at today’s workshop at the University of the Philippines- Cebu! Thank you for the opportunity to connect and to share with warm and enthusiastic spirits, Prof. Edna!


2 thoughts on “Cross-Cultural Workshop at UP Cebu (3 of 3)

  1. It was a wonderful and awesome time for me too~!^^
    Great job for all of us!!
    사랑해요 모두들!^–^
    I was so thankful to professor Edna to invite me speaking in this class even though i was lacking to speak in English and explain about our culture….! But it was so meaningful time…!
    I learned a lot through this time as well…!
    Thank you again and

    • Daghang Salamat Wae Seon for taking time to share your culture and insights with us at the workshop. I also had lots of fun team teaching with you and Professor Edna Lee. Till the next time! Aye-Ayo! (Take Care!)

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